Capital Solutions

The unique needs of our clients demand deep understanding and access to capital markets resources. Our Capital Markets group employs a global network of specialists who understand the regional intricacies while keeping abreast of international trends. We provide expert trading and customized solutions for our select clients.

Through Astor Capital Fund’s leading capital markets’ business, we offer elite access to complex capital and wide-ranging liquidity resources, multiple global opportunities and structuring pay-downs to meet all of our clients’ investment goals.

With decades long experience and a proven track record, the capital markets business enables us to support across four main asset classes:

  • Fixed income
  • Equity
  • Foreign exchange
  • Commodities

With peak execution of all services and access to a variety of products, both funded and derivative form, we operate in most major markets, and across all time zones. Our team offers excellent support and prompt delivery to offer our clients access to all opportunities in the rapidly evolving markets.

Our Capital Markets group includes access to innovative trade solutions and offers, including structured products. We use analytic and global research, delivered through third-party sources, as well as our internal team of experts, to advise on all investment and trade products and global market trends. This makes us exceptionally competitive and real-time focused within complex industries and volatile, fast moving markets.

Institutional clients Choose Us:

Open architecture

We have open architecture across asset classes. We source pricing and liquidity among a wealth of leading market-makers and for multiple FX products/currencies.

Customized solutions

Our ability to structure customized solutions for our clients sets us apart. We are there to meet your investment or liability management requirements.

Cross-jurisdictional, multi-currency solutions

Our cross-jurisdictional and multi-currency solutions cover more than 100 countries globally. This wide-ranging span of access delivers exceptional value to our clients on a global stage.

* Some services offered herein are not offered and not promoted by Astor but rather referred to third parties licensed in the jurisdiction of clients domicile where licensure for certain services may be required. Astor will not offer, solicit for or promote services or products where licensure is not exempt or where licensure is required, in which case the clients are referred out to licensed third parties.