Astor Capital Fund’s private capital division invests in businesses that are growing and have strong management teams.

Our Approach

We concentrate on underwriting companies based on their intrinsic value because this allows us to invest in a wide array of securities spanning the entire capital structure in a creative manner. We have a great deal of leeway with the types of investments we make. We can function as either the lead or a minority investor and offer both debt and equity financing. The investments that we underwrite can range from $500,000 to $20B and can then supply our portfolio businesses with additional capital over time as needed.

  • We custom-tailor each private investment deal – our team of investment experts use their unique insights to create the best possible investment structures for our clients.
  • Investing with Astor Capital Fund – our decades of experience in financing provide us with the ability to understand our clients on a deeper level and base our underwriting on the client’s underlying financial assets, expectations and needs.
  • We are focused on the long term – this enables us to devote our time and effort to learning more about our client’s long-term needs and goals.
  • We specialize in the middle market – we keep our focus on midsized businesses by providing them with flexible financing.
  • We seek out talented teams of management – we look for management teams that have demonstrated superior track records and expertise in company growth.
  • Relationships and trust – Astor Capital Fund always seeks to build an atmosphere of trust with our borrowers by honoring contracts and agreements and forming long-lasting relationships with our borrowers.


Astor Capital Fund provides its clients with custom-made solutions that are flexible in many ways. We employ our knowledge, expertise and referral network to help borrowers achieve their visions and reach their financial goals. These features combine to give our clients several major advantages.

Our team of investment experts have the leeway to think outside the lines when it comes to financing due to primarily working with institutional investors. We can structure deals as the primary or minority funder or as a co-investor, and also offer both debt and equity financing. Our offerings run the full gamut of investments, from mezzanine debt to convertible preferred issues.

Every company and client has its own quirks and differences that require us to provide solutions that are specifically designed for them. We allow all of the businesses that we work with to play a role in the structure of their deals so that they can get the best deal possible.

Our portfolio operations team works closely with a company’s management in finding and accomplishing various measures that can add value to the company. We then gauge our own success on the amount of value that we added.

We allow company management free access to all of our company’s expertise, knowledge, contacts and other resources in order to bolster the amount of value that we can add to the company. We introduce vendors to customers and find opportunities for both acquisitions and exits. We ultimately help our companies gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Astor Capital Fund’s teams of experts possess deep knowledge of many industries and sectors of the economy. Our teams’ combined knowledge of the industries in which we invest is a valuable resource for company managers. We can offer them access to services offered by independent parties as well as experts in their respective industries. These individuals can provide company managers with valuable insights into the latest trends and dynamics in their industries.

When we are the sole underwriter of a financing deal we are able to close quickly and efficiently.