Depository Services

Our currency and depository services groups offers liquidity management thru various depository products as well as access to highly select multi-currency solutions.

Our capabilities go well beyond traditional deposit items. We customize solutions to fit your objectives, liquidity needs, interest yield and risk tolerance.

With a team of globally connected advisors, we leverage our foreign currency expertise by trading in a myriad of currencies, as well as in gold and silver.

Whether you choose to add or reduce foreign currency within your portfolio, or to take advantage of an exceptional interest environment or exchange rate, our specialists will advise and deliver exceptional value across all available solutions.

By offering one-on-one guidance and real-time order execution, we are able to provide comprehensive services and solutions from a single trusted source.

Why Institutional clients Choose Us:

Holistic capabilities

Holistic capabilities and solutions for complex transactional needs across many currency, industries, sectors and jurisdictional regions.

Consultative approach

We offer a global, dedicated, consultative approach. We have global presence within a multitude of regions and nations, across more than 100 markets and sectors.

* Some services offered herein are not offered and not promoted by Astor but rather referred to third parties licensed in the jurisdiction of clients domicile where licensure for certain services may be required. Astor will not offer, solicit for or promote services or products where licensure is not exempt or where licensure is required, in which case the clients are referred out to licensed third parties.