Astor Capital Fund extends its financing and liquidity specialties across a wide array of jurisdictions, on- and offshore regions, principalities, and domiciles. We are one of the most diverse financing service providers in all global industry sectors and across multiple asset classes.

We coordinate our specialized lending and liquidity capabilities with other alternative or novel finance capabilities from a network of independent professionals to finance liquid assets and creatively tailor loans against less liquid assets with less focus on a client’s credit profile or other unique circumstances. Our financing solutions options include fine art, real estate, private aircraft investments, securities, and tangible and intangible corporate asset investments.

The combined abilities that are within our firm and that come from independent resources facilitate the most customized solutions for any client’s unique situation and catalyze the delivery of exceptional value in every client engagement. Clients that seek unique financing solutions either directly from Astor Capital Fund or any of the independent financing experts in our network will receive superior, high-touch service in every transaction. Moreover, the knowledge and experience that this collaboration brings to a client engagement will inevitably lead to exceptional liquidity management solutions and services that exceed every client’s expectations.

Liquid Asset Financing

If your objective is to better manage your liquidity needs and accentuate your portfolio’s returns without adding excess risk exposure, Astor Capital Fund can lead you to professional expertise that will guide you and deliver liquidity solutions that are consistent with your wealth management goals and strategies.

Real Estate Financing

We rely on the expertise of independent third-party real estate professionals that have extensive knowledge and experience in structuring tailored finance solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential real estate.

Equity Stake Financing

Astor Capital Fund’s financing abilities address varied and complex lending requirements, particularly where only concentrated single-stock positions are available as collateral.

Private Aircraft Financing

Private aircraft is more of a necessity than a luxury in the modern international business environment. Astor Capital Fund has partnered with aviation financing experts who can support all a client’s aviation needs.

Structured Financing Solutions

Through a network of independent third-party advisors, Astor Capital Fund develops customized structured financing specialty solutions backed by a wide array of collateral. The solutions that are available through our network are known to be the most creative and varied structures available in the lending industry that address even the most complex, structured financing needs.

Fine Art Lending

Astor Capital Fund recognizes that fine art is more than a vanity investment for an ultra-high net worth investor. Rather, fine art reflects an appreciation for cultural norms that are embodied in fixed masterpieces from a particular era. The independent fine art curators and advisors that we work with contribute unique expertise that facilitates the financing of fine art purchases and investments. Clients look to the experts in our network for advantageous financing terms and conditions and as a resource for portfolio diversification and growth.

Securities Financing

Astor Capital Fund understands the financial limitations that clients face in the traditional banking and lending markets when they seek a loan. As a private lender, we are able to deliver the most competitive lending options that can meet even the most complex financing objectives.

* We are providing information on a broad range of investment topics on this page for the benefit and edification of our actual and prospective clients. We do not offer all of the products and services referred to herein. We do not maintain licenses to provide specific financial products or services and we have elected not to pursue any licensing that would interfere with or unduly restrict our primary business of originating, funding, and administering private loans to investors that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to understand the benefits and risks of those loans. If and to the extent that we refer to or link to third parties that offer products or services that require licensing, you have the sole responsibility to verify the validity of those licenses and the third party’s authority to offer products and services thereunder.