Global liquidity capabilities, across a wide array of multiple on/offshore regions, nations, and domiciles, help leverage the diverse capabilities of Astor Capital Fund’s global network.

We possess the ability to finance liquid assets and to creatively tailor loans against less liquid assets to regardless of our clients unique circumstances. Our financing solutions include fine art, real estate, private aircraft investments and various corporate asset investments.

Our expertise and ability to customize solutions to your unique situations allows us to deliver exceptional value. Our dedicated financing specialists work with clients collaboratively to offer unique advisement and financing solutions. Our financing experts specialize only on funding solutions, which allows us to deliver superior service value to our clients.

When you require exceptional liquidity management and solutions, we offer the expertise and long-established track record to provide customized financing solutions.

Liquid Asset Financing

If your objective is to better manage your liquidity needs and accentuate your portfolio’s risk return our liquid asset financing group offers proven solutions and advisement.

Real Estate Financing

Our experts are excellent at structuring tailored finance solutions in commercial and residential real estate.

Equity Stake Financing

Lending goals and requirements are often varied and complex, especially against concentrated single-stock positions.

Private Aircraft Financing

Our private aircraft financing services are well-poised to support your specific aviation needs and investment goals.

Structured Financing Solutions

We offer customized specialty solutions to help you leverage and secure financing against a wide array of collateral, within customized creative and varied structures that work for your needs.

Fine Art Lending

We have unique experience and a track record in financing fine art purchases and investments.

Securities Financing

At Astor Capital Fund we understand the financial limitations that clients face in the traditional banking market when seeking a loan.