Investment Strategies

Asset Allocation

Pension funds and insurance companies will most benefit from our global multi-asset investment strategies. Our comprehensive team of development consultants and asset managers works with each client to create a unique portfolio consisting variable sized stocks, sectors, credit, geographies and durations that is primarily focused on growth. We conduct the most up-to-date analysis of market trends across all major assets including equities, global bonds, real estate, and commodities, and seek to increase the purchasing power by diversifying across inflation-responsive assets. Our simple, uncomplicated approach takes into account all the major global risk factors and integrates tail-risk hedging to protect our clients from market volatility. This strategy is ideal for clients primarily concerned with risk mitigation such as endowments and pension funds.


Family offices, endowments, and pension funds will often allocate a small percentage of their portfolios to alternatives. Proper valuation and regulator clarity is integral to achieving consistent, inflation-responsive growth of alternatives. Our expertise in alternative investment research is second to none; our research analysts and traders have extensive experience in specialty asset classes to provide custom solutions to each client’s unique needs and goals. The strategies we employ consist of finding ways to reduce the minimum cost of investment, obtaining the most verifiable performance data, and using our access to a vast array of liquidity resources to extract maximum returns on commodities, private equity, venture capital, financial derivatives, hedge fund and real estate investments.

Public and Private Equity

Our institutional clients often seek a balanced portfolio consisting of publicly traded stocks and private equity funds, along with elements of short-term risk offsetting and mitigation. Our principal strategies combine variable exposure to thoroughly researched fundamental indices, market-cap weighted S&P indices, and investment funds to offset potential outperformance of fundamental indices. This variable exposure allows our clients to dedicate a larger percentage of capital to sources of return like fixed income and currency, requiring only a small portion to be invested in private and public equities at any given time. Our underlying objective is is preservation and growth of capital.


Most of our clients choose to allocate a percentage of their portfolios to currencies as they can produce sizeable short-term returns. With our extensive expertise, quantitative research, innovation, active and passive management techniques of major and emerging market currencies we are able to generate profit by leveraging valuation misalignments and structural inefficiencies in global and emerging currency markets. We utilize proprietary currency hedging strategies to maximize profits during predictable currency swings. Our currency hedging portfolio is geared for the aggressive investor seeking maximum short-term returns.

Fixed Income

Most of our clients choose to allocate a significant percentage of their portfolios to fixed income for sustainable cash inflow and to offset potential market uncertainty. We aim to provide predictable, repeatable, scalable and the highest risk-adjusted returns by taking a holistic view of the evolving fixed income markets and utilizing strategies that promote diversification across all sectors of fixed-income markets, sector rotation management, and duration variability. Blu-Chip stocks in developed markets are ideal for conservative clients. Our bond analysts will develop a custom fixed-income strategy to achieve yields in government or corporate bonds with the sole purpose of preserving assets while attaining specific client income goals.

Global Diversification

Despite the overwhelming interconnectivity of global markets it’s critical to remember that more than half the world’s market capitalization lies outside of the U.S., and half the revenues of S&P 500 U.S. companies come from overseas. It’s paramount to take into consideration the local geo-political and economic events that tilt the countries’ economies to different industries and market sectors. Our global diversification strategies give our clients the option to diversify across a vast array of international (non-US-based) equites, fixed income markets and debt classes. Astor Capital’s global valuational expertise allows us to identify high-yield, low risk diamond-in-the-rough opportunities and to leverage differences in business cycles and economic conditions across regions, industries, sectors, and debt classes to the benefit of our clients.

Liquid Alternatives

Our expertly curated team of financial analysts identify hidden pockets of value across fixed-income, equities, real estate investment securities, and commodities, and leverage the critical changes of momentum to deliver maximum, inflation-hedged returns for our clients. Our research analysts are in-tune with global market dynamics and are able to identify the most lucrative opportunities for our clients. From emerging markets to mature markets, we strive to meet our clients’ goals and maximize profit returns.