Our Liquidity Advantages

At Astor Capital Fund we understand the financial limitations that clients face in the traditional
banking market. For this reason we specialize in providing creative, stock liquidity solutions for
institutions, businesses and private entities world-wide.

Stock Vaaluation

Our clients are able to borrow up to 85% the value of their stocks.

Flexibility and Direct Lending

We offer the most flexible loans and competitive markets rates in the industry because, unlike most securities lenders, we fund all of our loans directly

Collateral Options

We help our clients secure loans against a wide range of stocks including-Emerging Growth/Penny, Non-Marginable, Marginable, and Over-The-Counter (OTC) stocks.


Unlike many securities lenders, we never short sell our clients’ stocks. We pride ourselves on integrity and the trust of our clients.


We value and respect the privacy of our clients, therefore we do not require any credit check, proof of income, or tax history to qualify for a loan.

Custom Loans

The loans we provide are custom-tailored to our client’s needs, goals, and flexibility. Our minimum loans start from $250,000, and there is no maximum cap.

Global Presence

As a truly global organization, with offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, we are there for each client. We implore all of our clients to meet us in person.

Transparency and Customer Satisfaction

Our expert financial, investment, and legal analysts provide clients guidance and transparency along each step of the lending process.