With the credit markets becoming increasingly complex, Astor Capital Fund dedicated to helping our clients to increase value by delivering top-notch ideas and solutions as well as liquidity that spans the entire gamut of financial products.

Our teams of experts are located in the key credit market arenas in the world, enabling them to provide insights on a local scale but from a global perspective. Our credit strategists and fundamental analysts provide our customers with top-quality insights and ideas for trades as well as primary events that span the full spectrum of credit products. This in turn enables our clients to obtain the necessary liquidity when they need it the most.

Our teams of experts in sales, trading and research are located in 20 major cities and cover all of the major equity products being traded in the marketplace today, such as cash, programs, flow derivatives and convertibles.

We keep our institutional clients informed about major trading events, the latest trends in the sector and the overall dynamics of the market. We learn exactly what our client's needs and goals are and we help them to successfully navigate the markets and obtain the liquidity that is necessary to accomplish their investing and trading objectives.

We provide an expert team of product specialists that cover all facets of the equities markets in order to give our clients top-quality trading advice, expertise in providing liquidity and custom-tailored solutions that meet their investment needs and objectives.

We offer several enterprising solutions that aid our customers in accessing the necessary liquidity, including actionable indications of interest (IOIs), commitments of capital on automated algorithmic orders and conditional orders that enhance the functionality of seeking blocks.

Knowing the various connections between the exchange rates and foreign markets are becoming increasingly important to our corporate and institutional clients. Our macro platform covers both of these asset classes in order to meet their needs in the most effective manner.

Astor Capital Fund is considered to be one of the premier providers of interest rate and foreign exchange products; we have combined our prowess with our emerging markets platform in order to provide top-quality service to our customers. Our teams of experts span the globe and work with clients to help them anticipate how moves and events in the macro market will affect their portfolios. An example of this could be helping a client to see how the decisions made by central banks regarding interest rates will affect the currency markets. Another example could be showing a client how government bond yields will react to a rate of inflation that is faster than expected.

We endeavor to give our clients the necessary understanding of the macro markets that they need so that they can manage their portfolios in an effective manner. We also work in conjunction with our clients, helping them with the structure, purchase and sale of securities so that their hedging and financial goals are achieved. The experts that work on our trading platforms are very knowledgeable about interest rates, foreign currencies and currencies in emerging markets, including:

  • government bonds
  • agency and supra-sovereign bonds
  • commercial paper
  • interest rate derivatives (including structured products)
  • inflation-linked products
  • cross currency derivatives
  • agency RMBS
  • spot foreign exchange
  • foreign exchange forwards and options

* Some services offered herein are not offered and not promoted by Astor but rather referred to third parties licensed in the jurisdiction of clients domicile where licensure for certain services may be required. Astor will not offer, solicit for or promote services or products where licensure is not exempt or where licensure is required, in which case the clients are referred out to licensed third parties.