Official Institutions

Municipalities, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, and finance ministries have unique investment obligations that are founded on service to the populations they oversee. Astor Capital Fund collaborates with independent advisors that are attuned to those obligations and that can provide optimum investment advice that sustains the primacy of the official institutions that are their clients.

Why Official Institutions Partner with Us

Global Presence

The investment advisors in our collaboration network are part of regional organizations that foster strategic interdependence and trust for some of the largest official institutions in the world.

Financial And Regulatory Expertise

The extensive market experience of our affiliates and their access to international legal expertise facilitate navigation of complex cross-border transactions.

Risk mitigation

Our affiliates focus on diversification across asset classes and industry sectors to provide stable, low-volatility, long-term growth for official institution clients.

* In order to become a private client of Astor Capital Fund Ltd, we require a minimum investment of $50 million USD. New clients are accepted by referral only.

We are providing information on a broad range of investment topics on this page for the benefit and edification of our actual and prospective clients. We do not offer all of the products and services referred to herein. We do not maintain licenses to provide specific financial products or services and we have elected not to pursue any licensing that would interfere with or unduly restrict our primary business of originating, funding, and administering private loans to investors that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to understand the benefits and risks of those loans. If and to the extent that we refer to or link to third parties that offer products or services that require licensing, you have the sole responsibility to verify the validity of those licenses and the third party’s authority to offer products and services thereunder.