Asset Classes

We provide unparalleled portfolio diversification thru global equity securities. Our portfolios generate competitive returns on capital in bull markets combined with a measure of protection in bear markets. Our investment team focuses on high-quality growth stocks as well as market inefficiencies in generating additional profits. We also offer both active and passively managed mutual funds to meet any investment objective.

Our portfolio managers employ asset management strategies that are guided by both quantitative and fundamental data. On the quantitative side, we assign factor weight based on a stock’s profile and then adjust that weight as the stock continues to evolve. This method allows us to broaden the weighted factors and thus reduce risk. Our principal strategies combine variable exposure to thoroughly researched fundamental indices, market-cap weighted S&P indices, and investment funds to offset potential outperformance of fundamental indices. Our team of equity fundamentalists draws upon investment research from around the globe to discern future stock and market trends opportunities as well as possible risks and exposures. Our active management teams provide clients with complete performance metrics and deep, fundamental analysis.

Although many investors believe that bonds yields low returns, Astor Capital Fund uses them to create a predictable diversifier within a client’s investment portfolio. Some of the types of fixed income securities that we use include government, corporate and municipal bonds, CDs, bond ETFs and mutual funds and money market funds.

Our fixed income analysts provide leverage for fixed income strategies, drawing from their combined knowledge of specific sectors, countries and investment styles to help delineate  specific types of bonds over others. Our global presence allows us to find both risks and potential opportunities within the fixed income sector; this combined with solid fundamental analysis of all sectors of publicly traded bonds allows us to offer our clients exceedingly superior advisory services.

Our investors achieve specific investment objectives using bonds- from generating steady income to controlling portfolio risk. Astor Capital Fund does not base its fixed income strategies on chasing the latest trends, regardless of our client’s objectives. Instead, we combine the viewpoints of several team members and use them to formulate a workable fixed income strategy that meets the client’s needs.

This unique sector of investments has risen steadily in popularity over the past few years. High net worth investors are discovering that these investments can provide absolute growth and tax advantages that are not possible to achieve with traditional investments. A growing number of our clients, such as pension plans, insurance companies and private endowment foundations are also increasingly looking to this asset class because of its low correlation to the stock and bond markets.

Alternative investments can provide investors with a way to reduce their overall portfolio risk while achieving higher returns over time. Our team thoroughly understands the benefits and risks that come with alternative offerings and knows how to effectively use them in an investment portfolio. We use assets such as private equity, managed futures, real estate, commodities, hedge funds and derivatives to diversify our clients’ portfolios and maximize returns. We integrate the latest technology with top-quality research in order to avoid excessively volatile offerings and focus on stability. We are also equipped to advise clients of the tax advantages that they can reap from these offerings.

Our multi-asset approach to investing allows us to achieve precise client expectations. We create portfolios that focus primarily on preservation of capital when the markets become volatile to achieving superior returns in bull markets.

Astor Capital Fund pursues strategies that work in all types of markets. We take the best performance strategies and layer them with fundamental, technical, quantitative and macro analysis. Our team travels around the globe in search of the best possible alternative offerings and then applies a substantial amount of additional research in our quest to provide stability and additional alpha to our clients’ portfolios. Our analysts compare past performance with current market conditions to discern possible future outcomes.

Astor Capital Fund proudly advises clients interested in investing for humanitarian causes. Once a client has clearly communicated how they want their philanthropy to be achieved, we find the highest-yielding investment vehicle for accomplishing that goal. Companies at the forefront of making the world around them better inevitably attract more investors; this, in turn, increases return on capital for those companies. Our impact investing program allows our clients to put a portion of their portfolios into a vehicle that will aid a humanitarian cause while enjoying superior investment returns over larger time frames.